Bringing Life to the Library

Trinity Malm and Millie Sechrist

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Book club. MakerSpace. Intelligence Squared. These are just a few of the activities sponsored by Hillsboro Middle High School’s Wiebe Media Center “There is so much that you guys are capable of,” said Janet Whisenhunt, librarian.

The dynamic of the book club is different than in previous years because participants do not have access to multiple sets of books or enough Kindle readers. Club members are finding a chance to read the book and to attend the discussions.

Intelligence Squared is a student run club that meets during LS to discuss current events. Students involved in the club decide on the topic they would like to talk about and who will be speaking about it.

“It is important for students to know what is going on in the world because they will need to be able to make their own decisions,” said Whisenhunt.

Whisenhunt gives the credit to the students. “You guys are scholars,” she said. “The seniors this year have really stepped up and asked to do these things.”

The MakerSpace, a new addition to the library, is a designated area for students to expand skills in a relaxed environment. Many communities are including it in their libraries.

MakerSpace uses STEAM principals (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to justify its activities, which include chess, Legos, circuitry, skeleton manipulating, robotics and calligraphy. Materials include art supplies and virtual reality glasses.

The library is able to do these things through community involvement in the book fair and other drives.

Students are responsible for completing their academic work before they can participate in library activities.

“We really don’t have a problem with late work,” said Whisenhunt. “The students are very mature.”

Whisenhunt is excited to welcome everyone to the library

“Good to see you! Come on back soon!” she said,

Stop in at the Wiebe Media Center to experience the new activities!



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Bringing Life to the Library