I’ll Fly Away

Sarah Diener, Junior Guest Writer

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She is flying

Flying on the wind that will take her far, far away. She swoops high to touch the clouds, then dips low and trails her fingers in a glistening stream.

She laughs in delight, seeing a herd of brown deer grazing on a hill, and she waves at them as they turn their heads to stare at her with their large, brown eyes.

She is flying.

Flying because there are no snakes in the air to bite her. There are no wolves to snarl at her. There are no spiders to entrap her. There are only soft- feathered birds with their melodious songs.

No storm clouds can catch her, bringing their rain and hail and thunder. The tornados will reach her no more, nor the violent earthquakes that shook her life.

She is flying.

She is flying with her mother, her father too. They are merely shadows, but they are there, laughing with her. She knows they are with her, even though they are gone.

They smile on her, and the sun shines brighter. She reaches out to touch them because if she can touch them, they will come back. Really come back. She reaches out and…

“Aria! What are you doing?”

The words of the spider stop her and she grinds to a halt. She is no longer flying. She is crashing onto the rocks, for she was never flying in the first place.

“Sorry,” the girl says, fear filling her heart. Her spider aunt grips the girl’s arm, and yanks her inside while the snakes, her vicious cousins, laugh. The wolf, her uncle, scowls condescendingly, and she knows a harsh reprimand is coming.

Later, the girl stares out the window with longing. Soon, she thinks, soon I’ll fly away. I’ll fly away and I’ll be free.


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I’ll Fly Away