On a Positive note…

Millie Sechrist, Staff Writer

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Encouragement. Curiosity. Happiness. For some, even confusion. These are a just a few of the emotions Hillsboro High School students felt as they opened their lockers to see a special note written for them on March 16.

The idea of spreading positivity around school came to Amanda Bartel, student council president, and Josiah Melton, vice president, while looking at paint swatches at Walmart. They loved all the colors and wanted to be able to share those with others.

They took the idea to the rest of student council in a meeting. Other stuco members were recruited to write the notes and share them.

Bartel and Melton said that since there is so much negativity in the world, they thought that it would be fun to add some positivity and brighten the day of their classmates.

“This world seems to be filled with negativity lately, and we figured these could be a little reminder that there is always happiness to be found,” Bartel said.

As they walked down the hallway, Bartel and Melton got to see people’s reactions to the notes.

Though the pair heard some negative comments about the notes, and saw some people throw them away, they also noticed people who were encouraged by the notes.

“I did hear negativity, but also saw some kids smiling at them in the hall,” Bartel said. “A few students came up to me and said they really liked them.”

Bartel said she would feel successful if the notes brought a smile to at least one person’s face.

“My goal was to show kids they deserve happiness,” Bartel said, “As long as at least one student smiled from it or felt better, it was a success in my book.”

Not only did receiving the notes encourage positivity but writing them also brought joy.

“When I was writing these notes, I felt happier,” Melton said. “I think I felt like that because while I was reading all these sayings or coming up with a few, the words were in my head and in turn made me feel happier,”

For some students high school is really hard, and even something as simple as a note can help their attitude change.

“I love getting surprises and the note definitely lifted my mood,” Junior Sarah Diener said.

“I was surprised since I don’t usually have notes in my locker,” sophomore Kelli Dyck said. “It made me feel a lot happier.”

Some students said they saw the need for more positivity at school.

“I know from experience that high school can be one rough place,” said Bartel. “You never know what someone is dealing with, so to make someone feel like he or she matters was a huge motivation of mine.”

Sophomore Surinda Bell agreed.

“A smile can be contagious and spread slowly across everyone,” she said. “I think if those of us who recognize the need for positivity would make an effort to use kind words to people we don’t normally talk to, it would make a difference.”



















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On a Positive note…