Safe at School? Opinions Vary.

Trinity Malm, Staff Writer

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Students go to school to learn, or they are forced to at least show up. Either way, how safe is it for them to be here everyday, with many more people, moving like clockwork?

Only about 40 percent of students at Hillsboro High are concerned about their everyday safety when walking into school. Many of them fear the use of weapons, or hurtful words, being pointed at others or themselves.

Of those that feel safe, several find comfort in the small town dynamic of Hillsboro.

“It’s probably just the fact that nothing bad has ever happened here, so it’s hard to imagine anything ever happening,” said Sarah Diener, a junior.

Senior Sarah Jost is also at ease with living in a good community.

Henry Hein, a freshman, depends on numbers.

“It is very unlikely to be involved in a school shooting,” said Hein. “Even more unlikely than being struck by lightning.”

Concerned students have a wider range of worries.

“In the choir room, there are about 80 kids in there but the outside door is often propped open,” said Kyla Isaac, a freshman.

Some students prefer guns fighting guns.

Wesley Shaw, a junior, recommended that teachers carry a weapon.

“Teachers could have a gun or atleast a weapon of some sort, but only if they are capable of using one,” said Shaw.

Dylan Wiens, a senior, would rather have armed guards as a line of defense.

Others just want to know what to do in case of severe life threats.

Senior Amanda Bartel suggested that schools find a way to contact emergency responders silently and research methods to become more prepared in case of danger.

A few students simply want more material protection.

Junior Kylee Martin asked for bulletproof windows. Junior Tiffany Shaw proposed deadbolts and constantly locked doors, giving students permits to enter.

More information is another common request from students.

Breanna Dittert, a senior, recommended training on what to do if you see someone you do not recognize.

Senior Josiah Melton added, “Since my freshmen year, we have talked about our intruder scenario about one time. Kids don’t know what we are really suppose to do if this does happen.”


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Safe at School? Opinions Vary.